Ladies Ministries

IBC Ladies Groups 2018-2019

The Ladies Ministry of IBC is inviting women of all ages to attend one of our upcoming studies meant to encourage, strengthen and build our relationship with the Lord and each other.  We are offering four Bible Studies that you can choose from:


A Study of the Minor Prophets

Teacher: Mona Cooper - 916-519-2557          Email:

When:  Every Thursday night-7:00 pm

Where: Mona Cooper's home

Begins: Resumes September 27th, 2018 

This study continues with Micah then we move to the prophets to Judah and those with a message to post-exilic Israel.  Come, learn how the sovereignty of God moves through history and has lessons for every generation. These books are relevant to understanding a Christian’s response to sin in today’s society. 


The ‘Next Step’ Bible Study: Learning to use COMA

Teacher: Nancy Nakamura - 404-702-1338         Email:

When:  First Friday of the month 7:30-9:00 pm

Where: Nancy Nakamura's home

Begins: September 7, 2018

This group focuses on learning to see the deeper meanings of Scripture as Nancy guides participants by use of the COMA method.  Also, group members can share where the Lord is prompting us to take the ‘next step’ in our Christian walk.  Call Nancy for more information on the passages to be discussed each month.  Come, learn to read the Bible for all it’s worth.


Respectable Sins: Confronting the Sins We Tolerate

Teacher: Elaine Briggs - 916-284-0279           Email:

When:  2nd & 4th Thursday of the Month – 9:30 am

Where:  at IBC with childcare provided

Begins: September 13, 2018

Books are available at the IBC bookstall.

Take a journey through Jerry Bridges’ book with Elaine as she helps reveal the sins we have come to tolerate in our daily walk with the Lord. Come prepared to understand the nature of sin itself and its subtleness that often keeps us from experiencing the complete grace of God


Recovering the Fear of God

Teacher: Barbara Fisher - 916-730-7249          Email:

When:  Tuesday night - 6:30 pm

Begins: September 11, 2018

This study is based on Al Martin’s book The Forgotten Fear: Where Have All The God-Fearers Gone? and Jerry Bridges’ book The Joy of Fearing God.

Barbara will be using these books to present a study to women of what place godly fear and reverence has in the life of every Christian. There is no need to purchase the books to attend but they are readily available.