Beliefs & Doctrine

 Immanuel Baptist Church exists to glorify God and preach Jesus Christ to the city of Sacramento. We are committed to the expositional preaching of God's word, serious pastoral care of God's people, and seeing the church of Christ in Sacramento, and beyond, built up in the truth of God's word.


In 1982 a small group of professing Christians began to meet to explore the possibility of forming a Reformed Baptist Church in Sacramento. On July 29, 1984 membership was formalized and Immanuel Baptist Church was born under the name Sovereign Grace Church. The church enjoyed steady growth and development and moved to its present mid-town location in the early 1990’s when it also changed its name to Immanuel Baptist Church.

The Source of Our Beliefs

True Christianity has always been committed to the sole authority of the Bible. Immanuel Baptist Church is a community of Christians who maintains that the Bible alone is the source for what we are to believe about God as our creator and what He requires of us as His creatures. We affirm that the Bible is God’s special revelation to us and as such must be received as the final, sole authority for our faith.

The Expression of Our Beliefs

Many people will affirm that the Bible is their sole authority. It is therefore important to also set out clearly what we believe the Bible actually teaches. We are convinced that the best expression of what the Bible teaches is to be found in the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689 (LBCF). This historical statement of faith is subscribed to by many Christians all over the world. To read this confession click here: The 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith. The core statements of the 1689 LBCF are in keeping with historical, evangelical and reformed Christianity expressed in the Anglican 39 articles, the Presbyterian Westminster Confession of Faith, and the Congregational Savoy Declaration of 1658.

The ministry of Immanuel Baptist Church is first Christian, then Reformed and thirdly Baptist. Our distinctives as a Reformed Baptist congregation are secondary to our commitment to the Gospel and our declaration of the Gospel. As a local church we enjoy and seek fellowship with all true Christians who are committed to the same historical, evangelical Gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified that has marked biblical orthodoxy throughout church history. We put much premium on biblical catholicity and desire to engage in the service of Christ at as wide a level of kingdom work as we can.

Our Church Constitution

As a Baptist church we are also committed to a common church order expressed in our Constitution. Similar to our Confession of Faith, our Constitution lays out what we believe the Bible teaches regarding life together as a local community of believers. It is an expression of what we believe the scriptures call us to in our life together as a local church. This document is subject to change and adaptation as the church decides. To read the Constitution, click here: IBC Constitution